All Saints Sunday

This Sunday, November 4, is All Saints Sunday, when we recognize all of the Christ Church Saints who have gone before us since last year’s All Saints Sunday. We especially remember the people who have helped to shape our lives of faith. All Saints Sunday is a day to say “thank you”—not to the people who have died, but to the God who gave them life on this earth and who gives them life in eternity. Also, it is a Sunday where we reflect upon the “communion of the saints,” which we affirm each time we use the Apostles’ Creed in worship.

At all services of worship, a candle will represent each saint (which in the New Testament meant “Christian”) who was a member of our church who has died in the last year. We also add an additional candle to represent those other saints in your lives WHO have died in the past year.

Join with us as we remember the words of Jesus, “You are the light of the world.” This All Saints Sunday, celebrate with us the link that joins past, present, and future together.

As you prepare for worship this week, think about the saints from your life who have influenced your journey of faith and for whom you are thankful. Also, let us remember and give thanks for these, the saints of Christ Church who have died in the past year:

  • Erv Kivett

  • Marie Wilson

  • Lola Maie Ragan

  • L.C. Tilley

  • Frances Lane

  • Mike Johnson

  • Billy Smith

  • Patricia Fleming Adams

  • Lucy Amaxopulos

  • Ann Wilkins

  • Carolyn Osborne

  • Emily Boswell

  • Daniel Bowman

  • Bette Hill

  • Allen Minter

  • Betty Kusenberg

  • Bob Apperson

  • Thurman Freeze

  • Betty Williams

  • Max Russell

  • Ruth Lide

  • David Robinson

  • Jack McGuinn

  • Adelaide Farmer

  • Jo Kivett

  • Charlie Phillips

  • Fred Gunter

  • Bob Kunka

  • Mary Ellen Williams

  • Charlotte Mecum

  • Erin Morgan Beebe

  • Lois Bailiff

  • Bob Hooper

  • Dan Bassford

  • Hazel Nelson

  • Bob Stockard

  • Charlotte Summers