Special Sunday School Session: Called General Conference

From February 23-26, 2019, 800 United Methodist delegates from around the world will meet for a special General Conference session in St. Louis, MO. The question at the center of this meeting:  What is our denomination’s level of inclusion of LGBTQ individuals in our journey as United Methodists, specifically as it relates to marriage and ordination?

Opinions and feelings differ, sometimes quite dramatically, across our worldwide denomination. We are standing in different places.  For some, this is a very painful discussion. Persons have felt excluded from the family of faith and the love of God. For others, marriage equality and the ordination of homosexuals challenges the way that they interpret scripture.

This Sunday, February 3, Rev. Amy Coles, who is a delegate to the Special Session, will come to Christ Church to share about the Commission’s Report and the decisions facing the General Conference.  She does so with a deep love for you and The United Methodist Church as well as a desire that we move forward as one body together with the mission of sharing God’s love and making disciples in our communities and throughout the world. This is not an opportunity to try to influence Amy’s viewpoint, but rather an opportunity to learn about the various factors influencing the delegates’ proposals, the many perspectives that are represented, and the potential outcomes of the special session.

Join us at 9:50am this Sunday, February 3, in the Gym for this important conversation. All adult Sunday school classes and individuals are invited and encouraged to attend. (The following classes will be attending this study: Adulting Together, Asbury, Cokesbury, Dimensions, Faith Matters, Faith & Family, Improv, Koinonia, and Seekers. Our Aldersgate Bible, Christ in Conversation, and Montagnard classes will meet in their regular rooms.) Youth are also invited to attend; a separate Sunday school session for all youth grades 6-12 will be held for those who prefer, or whose parents prefer them, not to come.

For those who are unable to attend the session, or who would like to learn more, additional information can be found online at wnccumc.org/commissiononawayforwardresources. An audio recording of Sunday’s session will be available at christgreensboro.org/member-resources beginning Mon, Feb 4.

About Amy Coles: Amy grew up in Christ Church, and felt her call to ministry while teaching children’s Sunday School and serving as a youth leader. She is currently serving as the Assistant to the Bishop of the Western NC Conference.