A New Tool for An Expanding MInistry

Over the past year, we have all seen Christ Church evolve as we Love, Grow, and Serve. It seems to me that much of that loving, growing, and serving has been focused on our neighbors—locally, regionally, and globally.

Recently we acquired a used 16-foot box truck to support our growing construction ministries. The two trailers that have been used in the past are no longer a viable option as only one person on our team has a truck large enough to pull them. This truck will give us the freedom to have all of our tools in an always-ready state.

Several existing ministries will benefit from the truck: We are currently fielding a team, once a month (Thursday–Saturday), to the eastern part of NC to work on rebuilding homes impacted by hurricanes Matthew and Florence. The youth South Carolina Mission Team, as well as The Carpenters Crew and renovation teams for the Glenwood campus, will be also using our “new” truck.  

The next step is to get others involved in these construction ministries. As we become more involved in the Glenwood Community, housing needs are emerging. Recently, Mayor Vaughn said the number one crisis in Greensboro is affordable housing. As we begin to focus more on local projects, there will be training available from our seasoned crew to get others involved in this critical work.  We will schedule “work parties” for evenings and weekends so that those of you who work during the week can participate. No previous experience in the building trades is needed—just a willing heart to help those in need.

Interested in learning more about our construction ministries or becoming a part of the teams? Contact Geoff Purser (geoffrey.purser@gmail.com), Dale Williams (dwilliams1153@gmail.com), or Virginia Reynolds (vreynolds@christgreensboro.org).

By Geoff Purser