January Worship Series: Time for a Change

Beginning January 6 | At we the start new year many of us think about making changes in the way we live our lives. As a result, this January, we'll begin a new worship series at Christ Church entitled Time for a Chance . In this series we'll explore four things our faith has to say about making changes:

  • January 6 - The Challenge of Change - We’ll explore some barriers that often make changes in our lives is often difficult to achieve.

  • January 13 - Steps on the Path to Change - We’ll consider some steps we can take to help change begin to take place.

  • January 20 - Finding the Power to Change - We’ll learn about some sources of strength that can help us make changes.

  • January 27 - Making Change Permanent - We’ll learn how our faith can help us make change we make in our lives last.