Community & Faith: Confirmation 2019

This round of Confirmation, which began in October 2018, will be complete this Sunday May 5. Throughout our time together, these eighth graders have been mentored by their Friends in Faith, encouraged by their leaders, poured into by their teachers, and supported by their fellow confirmands. We have worshipped in many different settings and congregations and learned not only what it means to be a follower of Christ, but to be part of the Christ Church community.

For those Confirmands baptized as infants, this is their season to learn what it means to be part of our church community and to choose this faith for themselves. Those not yet baptized make the choice to be baptized for themselves now. Faith is such an important part of our lives, and this process gives them a chance to think through what they believe and learn about all the history and traditions that are a part of the Methodist Church.

“The most important thing I've learned during Confirmation is that faith can mean many things to many people, but what we have faith in is the same,” says Lila Ballard. “Learning about that faith has helped me further understand my purpose in my religion.”

Many of our youth have grown up together, while others have come to our congregation more recently. Our ultimate goal is for them to invest in and be invested in by each other, their leaders, and families. For many of them, this is a chance to reconnect due to the busyness of their lives. As we work to help them grow as disciples in Christ, we aim to help them find their place in our church.

Patrick O’Kelley says,  “My favorite part has been the long-term friendships and getting to know people better who I have known forever.”

Thank you for supporting our 2019 Confirmands in this journey and for creating space for questioning and faith development for our youth.

This Sunday, May 5, we celebrate the confirmation of the following youth:

Lila Ballard
Bella Benner
Kyra Birkner
Raelynne Brandenburg
Mallory Cavanaugh
Logan Cook
Aurora Cranford
Luke Dodson
Tori Evans
Austin Gorham
Lilly Gorman
Caroline Gram
Liz Gram
Tate Gresham
Victoria Harper
Anna Lewis
Matthew Ma
Patrick O’Kelley
Abby Roley
Tyler Wood
Elise Woodlief