Connections Ministry

Thank you for serving on the Connections Ministry team!

Yes—whether you know it or not, we are all on the Connections Ministry team at Christ Church.  Connections Ministry is charged with helping folks feel welcome and helping them to discover, among all the programs we offer, which is a good fit for them. So how do you play a part in that? Each of us is part of the life blood in making others feel welcome. No matter how wonderful our campuses are, how many great programs we offer, or how friendly the ministers are, if each of us isn’t actively involved in being a welcoming church, eventually the church will cease to exist.

In a church of our size it isn’t easy to find your way—both literally and figuratively. Over the next several months, the Connections Ministry team will be looking at how we can be more welcoming. We will begin by focusing our efforts on the first-time visitor, looking at everything from our initial contact to how we follow up after the first visit.

In the very near future you will start seeing designated “First Time Visitor” parking signs. The movable signs will be put in place on Sunday mornings in an area that is easily visible for our greeter team.  Having visible first-time visitor spaces will also help us better deliver a greater experience for folks who are church shopping.

Other areas we are looking at include, but not limited to: marketing; connection cards in the worship services; the role of our greeters, the Connection Point desk, and ushers; and first-time visitor follow up.

So what role do you play in Connections Ministry? First and foremost, please be welcoming.  We jokingly talk about having our favorite seats in worship—but there have been instances where members of our congregation told visitors they were in their seat.  When my mother first came to Christ Church she indicated on the pew pad that she was a visitor, but no one in her row spoke to her after the service. However unintentional, these seemingly small interactions can make a major, negative impression on a first-time guest, and can keep them from returning to Christ Church to hear the good news of the Gospel and experiencing all we have to offer.  

If you are interested in helping others feel welcome, there are lots of opportunities on the Connections Ministry team. Want to know more?  Contact Carl Phillips (