ChristKids Discovery Summer

Ready or not, here comes summer! I am sure that you can remember the excitement and anticipation of an upcoming summer from your childhood. It’s getting hotter by the week, the pools will open soon, and before too long school will be done for the year! For our ChristKids, we are excited to move into a special season of loving, growing, and serving throughout the summer months.

There are many great summer opportunities for children at Christ UMC, but today we’d like to share with you the vision for our Summer Sunday School program. Research shows that children often lose some of the information or skills that they have learned during a school year during the summer months. It is easy for that to happen in the spiritual formation of children as well. If we take a break from spiritual formation during the summer, children may struggle to retain the knowledge they have gained throughout the year. Hoping to prevent a summer spiritual slump, we’ve developed an engaging Summer Sunday School program for all children to participate in. Our theme is “Discovery Summer: Discovering God’s amazing love for all people.”

Preschool children (those who were in 2s, 3s, 4s, or PreK for the 2018-2019 school year) will meet in Room 302 to learn different Biblical stories that will help them discover how big God is. Elementary children (those who were in kindergarten-fifth grade for the 2018-2019 school year) will meet in the basement to learn different Biblical stories that will help them discover more about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in a multi-sensory, high energy environment. Elementary Summer Sunday School participants will do fun experiments each week and learn a “Scientific Method of Faith” that can be applied to what they are discovering about God. To help us dive all the way into this experience, children will get to wear special lab coats each week! Children are encouraged to dress comfortably during the summer months for indoor or outdoor play.

We are thankful to our Elementary Summer Sunday School Coordinators Paula Hargrove and Laura Edwards for putting in many hours of hard work to design this great experience for our children. Would you be interested in helping a child grow in their faith over the summer? We could use some additional “hands on deck” during the Sunday School hour. If you are interested, you can sign up at or contact Kara Harvey ( for more information. We are also in need of some “decorations” for our space, such as lab coats, beakers, microscopes, or other science equipment. If you’d be willing to loan or donate anything of that nature for the summer, we’d greatly appreciate the way it would help us transform our learning environment. All are encouraged to join us in praying for the many children’s ministry opportunities that happen throughout the summer—that they might be a blessing and a vehicle of God’s love for all the children and families who participate!