Easter Flowers

This Sunday is Easter Sunday, when we celebrate Christ’s victory over death through his resurrection! During this season, one of the most visible symbols of this victory are the blooming flowers, which seem to be celebrating new life in Christ alongside of us. At Christ Church, there are two different ways we use flowers to celebrate Easter:

Flower Cross: Each year on Easter Sunday in Christ Church, as well as other churches around the world, members bring fresh flowers to adorn a simple cross. At our Holden Road campus, our children will be decorating the flower cross during Sunday school, and it will be moved to the Gathering Space by the 11am service. At our Glenwood campus, the flowering of the cross will take place alongside a continental breakfast at 9am in the Fellowship Hall.  Those attending worship at either campus are encouraged to bring a flower with them to church on Sunday to place on the cross.

Easter Flowers: In memory or in honor of loved ones, individuals and families have been making contributions toward flowers for Easter. These flowers will be placed in the worship and gathering spaces at our Holden Road and Glenwood campuses this Sunday.

In Memory Of:
Kieth Wright, by Judie Wright
Bob Hooper, by Sara Hooper
R. Richard Sipe, Jr., by Nan Sipe
Fred Gunter, by Deb, Weslie, Jenna, Logan, Carol, Lynn, Kaitlyn, Kara, and Molly
Coleen Hawkins, by John Hawkins
Frances Ward, by Jim Ward
Cameron Gardner Wilkins, by Dr. & Mrs. W. Ronald Gardner
Lili Louise Storey, by Chris, Lexi, Marin, and Julie Storey
Sandy Wells & Bill Stewart, by Rick & Sue Wells
Rodney Sink, by Dianne Sink
Carl W. Sinclair, Sr., by the Sinclair Family
Kristin Sinclair Arnold, by the Sinclair Family
Gene & Nan Fleming, by Anne & Steve Fleming
Marie Wilson, by Anne & Steve Fleming
Jack McGuinn, by Eleanor McGuinn & Family
Catherine Perrone, by Maria & Dale Schunk
Ruth Shaw Grove, by Andrew, Meredith & Hannah Grove
J.L. Roberson, by Ruthie Roberson & Family
W. Allen Tilley, by Nancy C. Tilley
Lois Bailiff, by Jerry & June Bennett
Robin DeHart, by the Rebecca Circle

In Honor of:
Our grandchildren, Weston, Harrison, & Leighton, by Esther and Wes Overby
Brooklyn, by Ron & Carolyn McKinney
Jean & Danny Nall, by Heidi & Ronnie Chilco   
Rose Lawrence, by Jerry & June Bennet