Endowment Ministry

The Endowment Fund’s growth has been impressive! The Fund was started in 2013 with a gift by member Frank Perkins for $25,000, which had grown to $57,595.42 by the time our committee was formed. The committee made a commitment to give our members an opportunity to play a significant part in our church’s future and many of our members have embraced this goal. At our first banquet in 2016, we announced a balance of $600,952.69. On April 30 of this year, our balance was $833,402.04!  Your continued gifts have made this possible.

This year, we announced the following gifts from the Endowment, totaling $24,550:

  • Guatemala Mission Team: Trip costs, medical team scholarships, and medical supplies

  • Anchor Hope:  a community resource center for foster children

  • CUMC Music: to replace hymnals damaged by mildew in the sanctuary

  • Labyrinth Fund: to complete fundraising effort for an 11-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth on the patio

  • Trustees: a “hearing loop” to provide a clearer, stronger sound in the Sanctuary for hard-of-hearing members and guests with hearing aids

  • Youth Ministry: Scholarship funds for youth mission trip

Distributions from our Fund now totals $76,399. These monies were spent on programs and projects that our church budget could not provide.

If you want to make a difference in your church’s future, please consider a gift or plan a gift in your estate. You can contact our Business Manager, Samantha Charlet (scharlet@christgreensboro.org), or visit the church website at christgreensboro.org/endowment-ministry. It is important to remember that any size gift may be made to the Endowment. The principal is never spent, only a conservative percentage of the earnings.

Gift Request Applications are due by August 31, and forms are available at christgreensboro.org/endowment-ministry. These will be reviewed by the Committee at their September meeting.

The Endowment will continue as a memorial to those like us who have loved our church and served it faithfully.  Thank you for your gifts and your continued support!

—Endowment Committee