Making the Connection

When Nan Sipe starting working a weekday shift at the Connection Point Desk, she had spent her nearly 38 years at Christ Church serving in various capacities, from working in the nursery and assisting with preschool ministries to serving on Nominations and Senior Adult Council to ringing bells. When her husband, Richard, became sick, Nan stepped away from her involvement to take care of him. After his death, she suddenly found herself looking for something to do.

“Anne Dooley knew Richard and I well, and she knew I was floundering after he died. She looked and me and said, ‘I have something that will be good for you. All you have to do is answer the phones,’” Nan remembers. “Anne, bless her heart—you can’t tell her no, not if you look her in the face.”

After working her first shift more than 2.5 years ago, Nan quickly found herself serving once a week—and then more, filling in when fellow volunteers could not or picking up extra shifts just because she enjoyed it.

“I was doing it a lot! It got me out of the house, and I was able to meet new people, and learn what was going on at the church. I get to know other people in the congregation and members of the staff. I go to 11am, so I don’t always see people who go to the other services,” she says of the benefits of working at the desk—and the reasons she’s stayed. She’s also met some of her dearest friends in her fellow volunteers:  “Kathie Barker trained me, and from that, we have become very, very dear friends,” she said. “You never know what doors saying ‘yes’ to an opportunity might open: I doubt that Kathie and I would even know each other had we not both worked at the Connection Point Desk.”

“[Serving at the Connection Point desk] has become a real part of me,” Nan said. “I miss it when I’m not able to be there.”

For those who are debating serving at Christ Church, Nan says, “Start out at your convenience. Just try it once—you don’t have to continue to do anything if it doesn’t suit your fancy.”