SPRC Updates

As your Staff Parish Relations Committee has continued to assess the staffing needs of the church, based upon our ministry goals, we are excited to share a few updates. Through careful stewardship, we have been able to meet a number of significant needs with no impact on the church budget.

Following Sarah Snider’s departure from the Office Assistant role at the end of April, we increased Lynn Long to full-time. She has assumed reception and general office responsibilities as a part of her new role. Lynn has already proven herself a tremendous asset to the church in this role, and her knowledge and experience make her a great fit.

We also plan to hire a part-time person to focus on Connections Ministries. Blessed with a number of new faces each week, our church has the opportunity for continued growth and engagement. This position will provide a renewed, dedicated focus on creating a strong guest experience and increasing ministry engagement. In doing so, it will enable our pastoral staff to focus more fully on worship, congregational care, and other duties.

Additionally, SPRC has been in conversation around Mark Ledford’s role, which has continued to grow over the past 20+ years. The combination of facilities and food service is simply too much for one person, particularly as our facilities have expanded and aged. Due to his strong work ethic and deep commitment to the church, Mark has carried a heavy load for many years, but now he and SPRC are ready for him to shift his focus fully to facilities management. Mark looks forward to this change in role and a more manageable workload. In addition, we'll be providing Mark with formal training in facilities management to supplement the extensive knowledge he has developed over the years. John, Bob, and Nep will continue to serve under Mark on the facilities team.

All existing food service commitments through the summer will be fulfilled. Starting in September, we will move towards completely outsourcing this service. In order to meet the food service needs of internal and external groups, we are developing a list of preferred catering partners. We have also begun conversations with leaders of Welcome Wednesday and The Table, our major weekly meals, to ensure those needs are fully met. We will continue to work with other impacted groups over the coming months to ensure that their needs are met as this transition takes place.

Finally, we are excited to share that we have contracted with Donovan and Tamelia Smith to provide music leadership at The Table on Monday nights. The Table has been a great success since its launch last fall, and it's important that the music evolve to better fit the community. Donovan and Tamelia Smith bring years of experience and a style that we feel will help that service continue to grow and impact the Glenwood neighborhood. This is fully funded by grants for the Glenwood Campus.

If you have any questions, contact Jane Harkey, SPRC Chair (harkeyjane@gmail.com) or Rev. Louis Timberlake, Executive Pastor (timberlake@christgreensboro.org).