The Table at Glenwood

By Carter Ellis

I have a confession for you: Since I’ve been a pastor, Monday mornings have meant hitting the snooze button several times  before getting up and drinking several cups of coffee before I’m awake. And I’m even a morning person! The fog from the long Sundays of preaching and church activities hits me hard.

But, for the last month, Monday mornings have taken on a new life. Gone is the lingering haze from Sundays.  Instead I wake up on Mondays with the feeling of anticipation and excitement, like a kid on her birthday. Why? Because on Monday night, I get to spend time with people from The Table.

The energy and positivity from The Table is palpable. So much so that I feel it when I wake up. It’s what I think about between meetings and visits throughout the day and as I wait with anticipation for Mark and Randy to arrive with the food. When Mark’s truck pulls up on Glenwood Avenue—it’s go time! We’ve got to slice and scoop desserts, set up tables, greet people and bring ’em in, serve ’em food, listen to ’em, and simply love ’em. Over the next two  hours, we’ll serve more than 130 meals, worship with 80 or more new friends, and have too many conversations to count. We’ll experience the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

I’ve got another confession for you: Participating in The Table has done more for me as a pastor and my call to ministry than any other ministry I’ve participated in. It’s reminded me of the core of Jesus’ ministry of bringing people together and feeding people in body and spirit. It’s rekindled my passion for justice and mercy in our communities. It’s reminded me that resurrection is possible in our communities as we build authentic relationships across lines of division. And, what brings me the most joy, is watching The Table transform the lives of church members and community members alike. It’s only been four weeks, but every day, someone new brings me a story about how a conversation, interaction, or a meal from The Table has impacted their lives for the good.

Join us on Monday evening. Through it, God just may begin to transform your life. It may even cut your coffee intake the next Monday morning, too.

The Table is held every Monday evening in the Fellowship Hall at our Glenwood campus. Join us for dinner at 5:30pm (it’s free!) followed by worship at 6pm.