TRUTH Café (True Relationship Uniting Transformed Hearts)

TRUTH Café (True Relationship Uniting Transformed Hearts)
In November 2017, the first TRUTH Café was held between Centenary UMC and St. Paul UMC in Winston Salem, bringing together the largest white and black congregations in downtown Winston Salem to deepen their understanding of racial issues and work together toward racial justice. Following the success of this initial program and with the support of the Duke Endowment, TRUTH Cafés are being held this year throughout the Western North Carolina Conference between churches of different ethnicities that want to break down racial and other barriers to furthering God’s kingdom. Their goal? To develop action plans to be be catalysts for reconciliation and justice in their churches and the communities they serve.

The standard TRUTH Café model is a four-hour program between churches of different ethnicity. However, Boundless Impact Executive Director and Christ Church member Cindy Thompson is offering the program over three Welcome Wednesday classes for the congregations of Christ Church and St. Timothy’s UMC. Want to be a part of these crucial conversations? Join us on Wednesdays, January 16, January 30, and February 6, from 6:30pm-7:30pm in the Fellowship Center at our Holden Road Campus; each session builds on the last, so attendance at all three is recommended but not required.

The model for the program includes a mixture of lecture, activities, small group discussion, and large group debriefing appropriate for ages 16 and up. It aims to break down boundaries; speak truth to power and privilege around racism, bias, and demographic differences; share the Gospel of social justice; reconcile our differences through spiritual transformation; and build trusting right relationships. Outcomes include:

  • Creating space for dialogue and deep listening to one another, seeking to understand each other

  • Developing cultural humility—authentic appreciation of our cultures, individual identities, stories and history—without judgment or guilt, or desiring to become like each other or seeking assimilation into a dominant identity; holding each others' pain and joy shared through stories

  • Developing relationships with fellow believers that build trust

  • Creating action steps for moving forward and further develop bonds of community and relationships

  • Sharing stories of TRUTH Cafe experience to impact our wider congregation, community, district and WNCC

We hope a diverse group of members and guests will attend, as our learning is deepened when many different ethnicities are present. Caucasian, African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American participants have all been a part of TRUTH Cafés to date. Come be a part of this important dialogue as we move toward a more just community and society.