Noye’s Fludde (Noah’s Flood)
Animals & Waves: How to Sign Up

March 14-16, 2019

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  1. Please note age for each animal—this is due to the size and weight of the animal head.
    Young Children - Kindergarten-Young Elementary School (No children under 5)
    Children - Upper Elementary-Middle School
    Teens - Upper Middle-High School
    Adults - 18+

  2. Heads will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to be paired with someone in particular, please write each other’s names on your forms AND pick the same animals. (Pairs do not have to be male/female.) Please know that every effort will be made to give you one of your choices, but you will have fun no matter what!

  3. Rehearsal schedules will be out in November; there will be approximately 3 rehearsal in January, 4 in February, and one each night of show week.

  4. Have fun and GET ON BOARD THE ARK!

Group 1

Lions (Adult Male)
Leopards (Adults/Teens)
Horses (Adult males)
Pigs (Adults)
Sheep (Children/Teens)
Cows (Adults)
Rams (Adult Males)
Goats (Teens/Adults)

Group 2

Donkeys (Adults)
Ducks (Teens/Adults)
Seals (Children/Teens/Adults)
Frogs (Teens/Adults)
Camels (Adult Males)
Kangaroos (Adults)
Snakes (Teens)
Giraffes (Teens/Adults)

Group 3

Foxes (Teens/Adults)
Badgers (Teens/Adults)
Alligators (Teens/Adults)
Tigers (Teens/Adults)
Cocker Spaniels (Teens)
Dachsunds (Children/Teens/Adults)
Rhinos (Teens/Adults)
Wolves (Teens/Adults)

group 4

Monkeys (Teens/Adults)
Pandas (Children/Teens)
Zebras (Teens/Adults)
(Adult Males)
Elephants (Adult Males)
Chimps (Children/Teens)
Polar Bears (Adults)
Buffaloes (Adult Males)

Group 5

Mice (Young Children)
Kittens (Young Children)
Squirrels (Young Children)
Skunks (Children/Teens)
Raccoons (Children/Teens)
Rabbits (Children)
Groundhogs (Children)
Worms (Young Children)
Porcupines (Teens/Adults)

Group 6

Parrots (Children)
Ravens (Teens - Auditioned Dancers)
Butterflies (Young Children)
Parakeets (Young Children)
Robins (Children)
Doves (Teens - Auditioned Dancers)
Blue Jays (Teens)
Pelicans (Teens/Adults)

Group 7

Curlews (Teens/Adults)
Peacocks (Teens/Adults)
Cardinals (Teens/Adults)
Owls (Children/Teens)
Penguins (Children/Teens)
Cockatoos (Children/Teens)
Chickens (Children/Teens)
Spoonbills (Teens/Adults)

Deadline to sign up is October 28, 2018.

Please check the rehearsal schedule before signing up.