Sunday School offers a weekly and consistent opportunity to study the Bible, go deeper in faith, and build relationships within the church community. 

For more details about any of our adult classes, please contact Anne Dooley, Senior Director of Discipleship, or the contacts listed below.

Holden Road Campus


A light-hearted group of adults (20s-30s) creating a new community to focus on faith while juggling careers, relationships, families, and more. Occasional social and missional opportunities.

Contact: Kara Batchelder,, Brian & Sarah Lopatka,,


Uses the Bible to examine Scripture in an organized, disciplined manner, with an emphasis on understanding what the Bible says and how we can apply that to our daily lives. Participates in service projects such as Helping Hands for Hunger and making dinner for Greensboro Urban Ministry. For Fall 2019, we will study Genesis and have class socials.

Contact: Byron Ritter,


Features small group in-depth discussions on spiritual faith–focused video and book series. Participants share prayer concerns and enjoy fellowship. Fall study: "Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God" by Max Lucado.

Contacts: Paula and Lynn Hargrove, or, or Janice Kirkpatrick,


Young-at-heart seniors who actively volunteer on many levels of church activities. Emphasis is placed on obtaining accomplished teachers/speakers, both members and non-members, to address the class. In Fall 2019, topics will include Adam Hamilton's "Making Sense of the Bible" (Jim Genova), How Stars/Heaven Evolve (Steve Danford), Senior Fraud (Mike Montalvo, Greensboro Police), and more. Reverend Jenny Jackson-Adams will teach three Sundays.

Contact: Bill Hunnicut,; Ron Hamilton,


Do you have a strong desire to deepen your relationship with God? To strengthen your prayer life? This class seeks to interpret the Gospel and apply it to everyday life.

Contact: Robin Britt,


Focuses on modern Christian and United Methodist parenting and family life through discussion of books, videos, and online materials; connects young families to the fellowship and outreach opportunities at Christ Church; and creates new opportunities for young families to spend time together. Fall Studies include The 5 Love Languages and The Andy Griffith Series.

Contacts: Amanda and Scott Flowers,; Samantha and Patrick Harlow,


Explores a variety of topics that help our members explore and grow their faith. Format is a short presentation followed by group discussion on the presented topic, with a variety of social and outreach activities. Fall/Winter Studies will include "If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat" by John ORtberg. This study will help answer Christ's call to greater faith, power-filled deeds, and knowing Him.

Contact: Alan Wilson,

+ IMPROV | 106

Creates a supportive and creative environment where those from all walks of life can attned, "open their arms", and be open to receiving and working with God's gifts. Shared experiences are created out of thin air, using the fundamentals of improvisational theatre.

Contact: Joey Rudzinski,, 336-558-6467

+ JOURNEYS | 107

Adults in their 30s-50s who desire to grow their faith, learn more about the Bible and its application to thier lives and desire deeper Christian friendships. Fall study will be the book: "Job: A Story of Unlikely Joy" by Lisa Harper.

Contact: Suzanne Sampson,

+ KOINONIA | Parlor

Combines lecture and discussion formats, led primarily by Linda Danford. Content is divided between Bible study and contemporary works of literature or commentary, with at least one unit of study on Church history each year. For Fall 2019, we will do a six week study of "Paul for Everyone" by NT Wright. The class will also utilize Lectio Divina that goes with Listening for God through Ephesians.

Contact: Linda Danford,


Sings Montagnard hymns, discusses the weekly sermon and scripture, and prays for members needs. Koho is the spoken language.

Contact: Jennifer Lieng,


Hands-on class focusing on John Wesley's vision of "Doing all the good we can" while with faith-filled friends. NEw this year, we will be using a class tol called Connected Faith to stay in touch and continu our faith learning beyond Sunday mornings. REgular class members serve as facilitators.

Contact: Lori Gray,


Lecture/discussion format featuring a variety of short studies and guest speakers. Outside reading is encouraged but not necessary. Refreshments are sered. Fall Study: Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others, by Barbara Brown Taylor

Contact: Bob Greear,

+ The Story | 205

A New Option! While there are many stories in the Bible, the main story is of God's amazing love affair with humanity. A dedication to weekly readings, discussion, and an emphasis on spiritual formation practices will carry us through this narrative. This class is especially appropriate for anyone who is new to Bible or new to Christ Church.

Contact: Alice Kunka,; Virginia Reynolds vreynolds@christgreensboro

Glenwood Campus

+ Aldersgate/Crusade Class | Parlor

Participants concentrate on Bible Study using the International Lessons, share prayer concerns, stay informed, and participate in churchwide projects and fellowship.

Contact: Jean Nall,

+ William S. Ward Sunday School Class | 1st Floor Classroom

Participants share prayer concerns, enjoy fellowship, and study selected United Methodist series from Cokesbury of varying topics. Prepare occasional congregational lunches for teacher appreciation, heritage lunch, and more following morning worship. Plan, prepare for, and participate in Love Feast.

Contact: June Bennett,