When we join the United Methodist Church, we commit to support it with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness. 

Ways to Give

  • Give securely online with your credit/debit card or your bank account by clicking the Give Online button.

  • Give with cash or check during our Sunday morning services.

  • Give with check by mailing it to the church office.

  • If you wish to give from a Donor Advised Fund contact your tax professional.

  • If you wish to give from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) contact your tax professional and notify the Business Manager if this is from your Required Minimum Distribution.

Click here to learn more about the Christ Church Endowment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

+ How do I give online?

To give online, click the "Give Online" button in the sidebar. You can create an account or continue as a guest. If you are giving in memory of someone, at the top of the page select Give In Memory or In Honor, select the fund and in the optional gift descirption enter the name of the individual you are honoring. You can contribute online with a credit/debit card or your checking account.

+ How much do I give?

We believe that giving is about us seeking to respond to and model God’s abundant generosity. Just as God has blessed us, we are called to bless others. In the scriptures, we see a tithe (10%) of income as the standard. As that might be a difficult leap for many people, we encourage you to prayerfully consider what it means for you to give sacrificially. Our goal is for all people to begin and continue a journey of generosity, so that all might discover the joy that come from giving of ourselves for the sake of others and the power of witnessing God using our gifts to change lives and transform communities.

+ How often do I give?

You are welcome to give at whatever frequency best fits your situation. Many people find monthly or weekly giving to be a helpful practice for budgeting. Regular giving, particularly automated giving via our online giving platform or through your bank's bill pay service, helps to provide stability for the missions and ministries of Christ Church throughout the year.

+ What is a pledge and why is it important?

A pledge is an estimate of how much you intend to give for the coming year. You submit an estimate of giving (card or online) to the church. While most pledges are made during the fall as a part of our Stewardship emphasis, they can be made and changed at any time of the year. Since pledged giving tends to make up the majority of our annual resourcing of the Mission and Ministry Plan, submitting this estimate allows church leaders to plan faithfully and set priorities.

+ What if I have a financial problem and cannot meet my pledge?

You are welcome contact the Business Manager at any time and communicate that you need to change your pledge. As the financial health of the people in our church community is important, we often offer classes on finances, such as Financial Peace University. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about these opportunities.

+ Other things to remember

  • Christ Church mails quarterly statements to help you track your giving, in addition to an annual statement for your tax return. You can also request to receive your quarterly statement via email.
  • Your privacy is important to us. While church leaders will thank you for your generosity, only those responsible for church financial information will know the specific amounts of contributions.